sexta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2009


MDM will negotiate the creation of its bench in the Parliament
The Democratic Movement of Mozambique (MDM) will negotiate with the two new parliamentary benches (FRELIMO and RENAMO), in order to create legal conditions and procedural rules for the creation of its representation in the next legislature, revealed yesterday, the spokesman of the party José Manuel de Sousa. The source said that the party wants to see changes to the Bylaws of the Parliament to fit what he calls the new reality of the highest legislative body of the country.

Unionists are studying the Civil Service Statute
The union of the southern region of the country is debating, since yesterday, in the city of Matola, Maputo province, on the General Regulation of Officials and Agents of the State (EGFE). The seminar is sponsored by the Organization of Workers of Mozambique (OTM-CS). The meeting aims to equip the union with the main issues contained in the regulation, which will allow it to have a deeper understanding of the legal and labor relations of the public service.

Prince of Monaco in Maputo
The Prince Albert II of Monaco arrives next week to Maputo, as part of a scientific program entitled "Planet Revisited", on the preservation of diverse plant and animal species. Mozambique is home to one of the 10 most endangered ecosystems of Africa, whose forests have never been scientifically studied. Under the direction of the French Museum of Natural History, about 50 researchers carry out during five weeks, a research into various areas of coastal dry forests of Mozambique, with support of the Albert II Foundation, directed by the Prince.

RENAMO presents “evidence″ of fraud
RENAMO has what in its view can be great evidence that there was electoral fraud, in general elections. It is a ballot vote used in the voting of Wednesday, 28 October, which RENAMO presented yesterday to the press in Maputo. It says to have them snatched from a citizen "at the service of Frelimo″, who took it to introduce in a ballot box of a polling station in the city of Mozambique Island, Nampula province. The ballot presented by the Member of RENAMO, Mr Saimone Macuiane, had the marking of a vote in favor of the FRELIMO and its presidential candidate, Armando Guebuza.

High rates of abstention in the elections does not favor free expression of the people – says Luis de Brito
The researcher and political analyst at the Institute of Social and Economic Studies (IESE), Luis de Brito believes that while the victory of FRELIMO has been particularly impressive, the high abstention in this election diminishes the legitimacy of popular government, which means that the elected government does not enjoy the broad and expressive approval of the Mozambican people. For Luis de Brito, "such a high level of disaffection in relation to voting, as has been registered since 2004, must be understood as resulting in a considerable part of a political system and especially of an electoral system that does not favor the free expression of citizens' preferences and their participation in setting the political direction of the country"

Expanded Program on Immunization should cover all children
The Minister of Health, Ivo Garrido, said yesterday in Maputo that one of the main goals of his portfolio is to ensure that all children are fully vaccinated up to two years. Ivo Garrido said that to achieve this objective there is a need to profoundly change the structure and form of program management from the central level to the health units.

Marketing of products out of time is worsening
The marketing of food products with expired shelf life is assuming alarming proportions in Nampula province, which is due to the ineffectiveness of the Center for Food Hygiene and Medical Exams (CHAEM) and the uncertainty over responsibility for implementation of inspections to businesses. Statistics report that a total of 700 inspection operations had been conducted mainly at wholesale to retail outlets, having found that more than half had products with terms in the limit of its validity or out of time.

Tobacco and cotton raise incomes of the population
The cash crops are helping to improve the quality of life of farmers in various parts of Tete province, especially in the districts located along the plateau Angónia/Maravia. These crops are to show a remarkable growth in the smallholder sector, contributing to increased family income and relief of the deficit of cereals. For this marketing year is expected to be produced 59,291 tons of various commodities, against 50,035 of the previous year, representing a growth of 18.5 percent. This list includes tobacco, cotton, soy, sesame and sunflower.

Sofala: Deviations lead officials to jail
A total of five civil servants in various sectors in the province of Sofala were detained, indicted for misuse of state money over the year. According to reports of the Provincial Prosecutor, two of these civil servants are assigned to the sector of Justice. The chief prosecutor of Sofala province, Beatriz Buchili, said authorities are working to recover the funds and also to charge offenders.

Women still face barriers to assert their rights
The President of the Office of Women in Mozambique, Margarida Talapa, said yesterday at a meeting in Madrid that many women continue to face difficulties to achieve their rights, a task for which the contribution and support of Europe is essential. She said that accelerating this fight for the rights of women would create a better world for all.